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Service for NGO's and NON-profits

Staying safe while helping others

Working in unstable environments

Humanitarian and not-for-profit organizations have a special place in our hearts at Dyami. In a world where conflict, violence, and natural disasters are increasingly impacting the lives of civilians, the work of these organizations remains of the utmost importance.

However, organizations and their staff face increased vulnerability, as they often operate in volatile environments and are increasingly being targeted. Over the last two decades, we have seen a significant increase in security-related incidents involving humanitarians and their organizations, such as direct attacks, espionage, and corruption. 

Dyami has the expertise and resources to protect organizations abroad and assist them in fulfilling their duty of care obligations to staff - even in dangerous conflict zones. Here's how: 



Proper training is essential to staying safe and secure. We provide awareness and resiliency training so your people can anticipate, recognize, avoid, and defuse potentially dangerous situations. 


Staying safe abroad starts with a solid safety and security policy, protocols, and procedures. Dyami helps organizations design, implement, or improve new or existing policies.


Our team of in-house analysts makes in-depth custom risk and threat assessments for any location in the world. Know where you operate and what the risks are in terms of security and safety. Then we make a plan on how to handle these risks.

Elevate your duty
empower your care
Sophie Buur

The work that humanitarians do is so important, and that is why we offer our services to them, so they can continue to do their work safely and securely.

ophie Buur - head of training

Training with dyami
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About Sophie Buur, our head of training

Sophie Buur is an experienced security professional in the humanitarian sector. She has previously worked for a major INGO in their Security and Crisis Management Teams, and coordinated their Hostile Environment Awareness Trainings (HEAT). She has been training humanitarian staff and their local partners since 2019. She has trained over 400 humanitarian staff and their local partners.

In addition to her experience in the humanitarian sector, Sophie has an academic background in international security and law, domestic terrorism, and the international political system. She is also a specialist in international humanitarian law and its applications for humanitarians.

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