Exploring new markets?

Going on a business trip can be a challenge; meeting unknown business partners, investing in new projects, or exploring new markets.

We understand your focus on doing business. That’s why we take care of your safety issues. We work proactively with you. So you are fully relieved, prepared, and above all, safe during your journey.

Security Services

Our security services are developed from the experience gained by former Dutch special forces and security professionals during special operations and covert close protection assignments.

During these operations, they were responsible for ensuring the safety of officials who operated in a classified domain. That makes them multi-skilled employable. They have experience with planning, coordinating, networking, and dealing with stressful situations.

Secure journey management

Simple trips to high-risk destinations can be stressful enough, and the more complex the journey, the more unsettling it can be. Our secure journey management services support you - no matter how complicated or straightforward the journey.

Traveling frequently with confidential information? Or do you want to transport valuable goods such as confidential documents, jewelry, or art?


We take care of your concerns by ensuring that you or your valuables reach their destination safely and securely. Whether on a regular flight, special charter flights, or ground transportation, we offer various solutions to transport your valuables securely.


We offer our clients the unique opportunity to hire our professionals as personal security advisors or as a covert security team. They are experts in low-profile and surveillance protection.

In addition, they can perform certain executive and personal assistance tasks such as managing journeys, events, meetings, transportation, etc.  

In need of a local Security Manager?

Dyami can provide in-house security consultants with skills and experience that match your company’s needs.


Our highly qualified and experienced experts have a range of specialist backgrounds drawn from backgrounds including cybersecurity, aviation, academia, law enforcement, intelligence services, and the military.

They can be deployed to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

We work with our clients ensuring the security project is delivered in line with client procedures and risk tolerance levels. So you are staffed with the individuals who offer the skills you require – and align with the cultural fit of your organization. 

Emergency and evacuation

Under a variety of circumstances, like civil unrest, military uprisings, environmental concerns, and natural disasters, we can support the evacuation of personnel in danger to a designated safe haven.

Emergency responders set little attention to their own personal safety. Our operators can support emergency responders by taking care of their personal safety so they can focus, as much as possible, on their own expertise.

We can obtain ground truth information about the area before the emergency and disaster mission starts. At the same time, we can develop accommodation (basecamp) and logistic resources and establish a list of essential items and facilities which cannot be obtained locally.

Gerard Celosse
Gerard Celosse

Gerard is security manager and team leader of the executive element within Dyami, the Global High-Risk Operations and Security Tactics team (GHO-ST).


Operating in small and independent teams. This is why Gerard once opted for the Special Forces. As a former Special Operations team leader and tactical intelligence expert, he learned what a small professional team can achieve at the top level. During his military carrier, Gerard was known as a proactive and no-nonsense out-of-the-box problem solver.


The extensive hands-on experience Gerard gained during special operations - such as search, rescue, and evacuation operations, providing discreet personal protection during covert intelligence operations and securing valuable assets in high-risk environments - is now applied within GHO-ST for those in need.