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An important tool in our secure and safe travel toolkit is our tailored awareness training for business travelers.

Gain experience beforehand. Be Safe and Secure!


Our training objective is to deliver fun, inspiring, and relevant hands-on training in order to increase personal safety and security.


The modular character of our training allows you to build your own preferred training program. This can consist of workshops at your own location to a full two-day course including an overnight stay. This is also suitable for an inspiring and effective teambuilding session.


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Inspiring training

Our interactive program gives you an edge in a world of uncertainty. Some of the comprehensive lessons include:


  • Mastering the basic principles of personal safety

  • create situational awareness

  • Introduction to threats 

  • Travel preparation

  • Country analysis

  • Risk mitigation and reduction

  • Use of technology

  • Airport & hotel safety 

  • How to stay safe while traveling

  • Security measures 

  • How to protect sensitive information

  • Responding adequately to unexpected threatening situations

  • Being able to act in a de-escalating manner

  • Tips and tricks

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Let us prepare you for a safe and secure trip


Our enthusiastic and experienced team consists of professional trainers and actors with a background in intelligence, travel, defense, and aviation.


Marcel den Boer
Marcel den Boer

Marcel has many years of experience working for the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Justice and Security, both on a national and international level.


His knowledge and skills in the fields of aviation security, behavioral recognition, and defensibility resulted in the establishment of his own training agency Training of Mars, which has clients in aviation, health care, and training companies. His approach is mainly aimed at the prevention of escalations: therefore, recognizing deviant behavior and situations is an integral part of the training. 


As an aviation security trainer and aggression training, Marcel is in possession of a teaching qualification.