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You receive word that you must go to a key technology conference in a faraway land, and your mind immediately starts processing all that must be completed between now and then.
But when you first received the request, did it, or did you include a recommendation or directive to think about travel security and safety or simply about the conference and the logistics involved?


Terrorism, crime, health, and espionage are a major threat to businesses.


Businesses can reduce the risk to themselves, their employees, and customers by remaining vigilant, being security-minded, and having good security measures in place.

Business travel is not the same as leisure travel, however many business travelers apply the same set of rules on their trips. This can cause unwanted loss of company information. Since competitors or foreign intelligence agencies might be interested in your crown jewels.

We have experience in helping you identify and mitigate risks when conducting business overseas, protecting your intellectual property and staff.

Contact us now to find out that a small investment in security measures and awareness helps to protect your business.

Define your travel security policy
Keep your intellectual property safe while travelling 

Using our affordable travel awareness toolkit, we help keep you, your employees and business assets safe

... so you can focus on doing business!

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