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Threat Analyses

Tailored Intelligence and Geopolitical Analyses

Threat analyses for any global region

In our contemporary multipolar world, political situations and local realities are continuously shifting. Ranging from geopolitical powerplays to localised conflicts, keeping track of regional and global developments is becoming more vital to anyone interested in operating in foreign settings. 

A crucial aspect of due diligence in the planning of international ventures is to develop a comprehensive understanding of possible threats and conflicted issues that may arise through foreign interest, presence in unfamiliar settings, or even inevitable political change. 

Dyami offers various options for tailored threat intelligence and geopolitical analyses, which are always customized to your needs. 

RTA Characteristics
  • Based on interdisciplinary methodology

  • Rooted in academic salience

  • Multi-sourced and reliable

  • Systematically produced

  • Strategically oriented towards your needs

  • Operationally possible

  • Insightful

  • Accessible and digestible

  • Up-to-date

What's in our reports

Dyami Regional Threat Analyses (RTAs) are custom-made, but they follow a systematic series of methodologies. The analyses provided will evaluate the central threats and essential aspects of particular case studies within each new case.


Examples of RTA areas of focus are: 

  • Local/Regional/National political structures and changes 

  • Criminal / Terror / Insurgent threats 

  • Environmental risks 

  • Actor / Stakeholder mapping 

  • Conflict Analysis 

  • Regional developments and international influence