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Strategic Security

Profiling &

Investigative Interviewing

Gain insights into who you are dealing with

Insider threat

Knowing exactly who you are dealing with is crucial in the security and success of your organisation.

A widely used method of espionage and IP/data theft is the use of infiltrators, the insider threat. These infiltrators may be employees, interns, close partners, clients or suppliers. 

The best way to know whether the intentions of a new or existing person are good, is to do an investigative interview with our profiling experts. They can participate actively or just observe, even from another location. They are highly trained in reading the person's expressions and body language and, together with helping you ask the right questions, they can easily assess the person you are interviewing.

Using profiling and investigative interviewing measures can be used at any time, also for existing partners and employees.

A matter of trust

Applying measures like profiling and investigative interviewing may seem to indicate a complete lack of trust on your behalf. In fact, many organisations forego a good assessment of potential parties exactly because they are afraid it comes across as untrusting. 

It is actually the exact opposite. Using these measures actually increases trust and allows for safer interaction and ultimately, more success.

Organisations with a lot to lose — for instance, with valuable IP and data — cannot afford not to use these measures, especially when operating abroad.

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