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Situational Report Erbil, Iraq

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Sitrep in response to the recent missile attack on Erbil, Iraq

Incumbent of Iraq, Iran, and Israel.

Version 1.1 (16-03-2022):

- Updated the Current situation

- Introduced a brief history of Israeli-Iranian military actions

- Updated the Conclusion

Current situation

On Saturday 12/03/2022 Iran fired up to a dozen missiles near the city of Erbil, which is the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. Early reports speculated that the intended targets were the newly built United States Consulate in the city, US forces stationed at Erbil International Airport [ORER], and/or the United States Special Operations airbase adjacent to the town of Harir, North-West

of Erbil. However, the Iranian government claimed that the intended target was an Israeli Mossad (Israeli Intelligence Services) base. Iran has also claimed these strikes to be retaliatory, as they have claimed that in recent months Israel has carried out multiple attacks against their military infrastructure. Of these, the most recent one occurred on 09/03/2022, when Israel killed two Iranian Quds (Iranian Republican Guard) officers in Syria via airstrike. Read more in PDF>>

16-03-2022 Sitrep Erbil v.1.1 (download as PDF)

20220316 Sitrep Erbil 1.1
Download PDF • 291KB

13-03-2022 Sitrep Erbil v.1.0 (download as PDF)

20220313 Sitrep Erbil
Download PDF • 160KB

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