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Maritime & port security expert Dana Aussems joins Dyami

Dyami welcomes Dana to our team of security risk management experts.

Dana is an expert in port-related security. After working for several years as a consultant for a private security organization, she continued her career as a security manager and PFSO for a large container terminal in the port of Rotterdam. The knowledge about the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code), which had just been introduced at the time, was not only put into practice here but also at other terminals in the world that were part of the parent company.

She then specialized further in supply chain security. As a member of a team of specialists, she conducted in collaboration with U.S. Customs and Border Protection various international Customs-Trade Partnership surveys.

In 2014 Dana started her own company, by DnA. Since then, she has supported various national and international clients with their security strategies and policies, risk and threat assessments, and security plans and procedures. Because of her background in the hospitality industry, she approaches security in a different way than most; security as a service.

Founder/CEO Eric Schouten: "We are pleased to have Dana on our team, as she is a world-class maritime & port security expert. She has worked with the most prestigious port organizations in ensuring that the security in this industry receives the quality they deserve. Her expertise enables Dyami to expand our security services to the Maritime domain."

Companies require a much more entrepreneurial approach to security. A security provider that thinks in terms of opportunities, chances, success, and growth. After registering Dyami, founder/CEO Eric Schouten formed an ambitious team of analysts and very experienced hand-picked experts from his expansive network.

​The team goal is not only to be able to provide the full range of services but also to find the right mix of people, personality, and entrepreneurial team spirit that makes Dyami unbeatable.

For more information please contact us.

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