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NGOs & Non-Profits

Helping you make the world a better place. Safely.

Staying safe when abroad

NGOs and humanitarian aid organizations have a special place in our hearts here at Dyami. They truly display the best of humanity in a world that shows too much of the opposite.

However, these organization often operate in volatile environments or are targeted by malicious agents who don't see the benefits of their missions. Direct attacks, espionage, and corruption are only a few examples of the threats NGOs face.

Dyami has the expertise and resources to protect such organizations abroad - even in dangerous conflict zones. Here's how.

Dyami is a proud supporter and partner of the foundation Luchtvaart Zonder Grenzen (Aviation Sans Frontières or Aviation Without Borders), an organisation that provides the following support:

  • humanitarian aid transportation

  • support for humanitarian air travel

  • providing air travel for children in need of medical care to Europe

Stichting Luchtvaart Zonder Grenzen
How Dyami keeps you safe






Staying safe abroad starts with a solid safety and security policy, protocols and procedures. Dyami helps organisations design, implement or improve new or existing policies.

Proper training is essential to staying safe and secure. We provide awareness and resiliency training so your people can anticipate, recognise, avoid and defuse potentially dangerous situations.

Our team of in-house analysts makes in-depth custom risk & threat assessments for any location in the world. Know where you operate, what the risks are in terms of security and safety. Then we make a plan how to handle these risks.

If necessary, we provide physical protective personnel to any location in the world  to keep your people safe and analyse the local situation.

We have your back. That means that we have 24/7 support services, including emergency response plans and the ability to evacuate your people from a dangerous situation and bring them to safety.

Enabling new opportunities

For NGOs and humanitarian aid organisations, we offer the same services as we do for other businesses.

That means that we help you at a strategic level to make new opportunities possible, even in less safe places.

For more information, please see our service on our website.

Reduced rates available

We want to support your organisation in your efforts to make the world a better place. We know that it is likely that funding relies heavily on donations and most of the funding should go to the actual initiatives, we are happy to offer reduced rates.

Your own, affordable security department

For the price less than that of a dedicated full-time security officer, you have the entire Dyami team at your disposal.

Contact us right away to discuss how we can help you!

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