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A crisis is bad enough when it is just you and your organisation that see the effects of it. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of crises are actually fully contained.

That is why it is essential to be prepared to handle public perception through the media. Dyami offers consulting and, if necessary, active handling of the media in a crisis situation.


With our risk-radar, we scan your organisation for potential public perception risks. Then, we prepare a crisis plan with you which is activated when a crisis occurs. All roles, tasks and tools are ready to go.

This way, we are able to control the news stream about your organisation on a 24/7 basis.

Each crisis is a challenge. At Dyami, we see each challenge as an opportunity for your organisation to grow and become stronger.

Manage the entire landscape

Dyami Media Crisis Management manages your presence in times of crisis across the entire landscape:

  • Traditional media: newspapers, television and radio news, internet news outlets

  • Social media

Team Dyami highlight
Marjo van Lijssel


Marjo has 30 years of experience as a journalist and PR consultant. With original views, she gets free publicity. She knows the media world inside out and therefore knows what editors are looking for. In addition, she offers advice and direction in dealing with media in a crisis situation.

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