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Keep your students and staff safe
Dyami enables your duty of care needs
Avoid risks during student travel

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreak, the world of travel is changing. With our network and contacts all over the world, we can inform students and staff about the changing environment.


What can we offer?

  • Tailored security advice suiting your needs

  • Setup your travel policy

  • Ground support with safety & security coordinators

  • Safety and Security awareness briefings

    • Covering details from cyber, personal, human, logistical, and mental security

  • Security navigation training for
    both students and staff

  • On-call security support

Keep your students, researchers & staff safe 
Duty of Care

The academic world is changing and more and more students and staff work on an international level. Students doing a semester- or research project abroad, staff conducting field research in risky environments and international collaboration throughout the world is a present fact.


In such a changing environment, the university’s duty of care is increasingly difficult to manage and implement. The university is responsible for its students and staff working in a dynamic and international manner. Being aware of the risks associated with working and studying abroad is essential for both universities and those from universities aiming to venture abroad.

What can you do?

How can one meet their duty of care requirements, without restraining your students and staff?

How can you navigate the thin line between security policy, while still ensuring students and staff of their ‘right to risk’?


It all begins with a more comprehensive understanding of the intimacies of travel risk and individual security for academics abroad. Only then can a policy be specifically tailored to your students and staff.


Dyami will assist you through every step of the way. By implementing bespoke methods to your institution, we will generate a more comprehensive understanding of the intimacies at play among students and staff. Building on this understanding, we will assist in policy development in order to aid your institution to navigate between the duty of care and the right to risk of your students and staff.


Young Student in Library
Why dyami?


We are specialized in travel security consultancy and analysis. We believe that the duty of care can only be managed through shared effort. Therefore, we work in close collaboration with experts, seasoned veterans in the international security business, and academics with extensive field experience.


Students, staff, and the university all aim for the same goal, the expansion of our human understanding of the world and all that live in it. This increasingly means that those who aim to do so, are required to venture out into the world that they study.
Let us help and guide you doing this safely and securely.

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