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Strategic Security Solutions for...



Safeguarding the company you invest in

Enabling safe and successful growth

Dyami has a completely new approach to corporate security. Traditionally, security is seen as a cost item, an insurance policy of some sorts. 

We provide Strategic Security as a tool to do business, to grow, to expand, to seize new opportunities and to make an existing business even stronger.

As an investor, you look at the value and potential of a company or organisation. We help you, as a strategic partner, to safeguard your investment.

Our focus is mostly on innovative companies and companies that do business internationally (or plan to do so) but we also help NGO's and non-profit organisations.

The value of an innovative company is primarily linked to its assets: intellectual property (IP), sensitive data, physical assets and, of course, its people. We protect all those assets.

Beside protecting the value of the organisation, we actively engage in new plans at the strategic level. This is how we enable growth and entrepreneurship, also in places where safety can be a challenge. This may be closer to home than you may think!

Pre-investment due diligence

Before you invest, we do an investigative risk and threat analysis on the organisation in question. We can also analyse their partners, locations, supply chain, clients and business model. 

Security should be a standard item in your due diligence.

Post-investment safeguarding

After your investment, the value of your organisation must remain protected. Threats like espionage, crime, cyber crime, corruption, local threats, political risks and terrorism are analysed and proactively managed. 

We also help your organisation to seize opportunities and thrive safely and successfully.

Protection abroad
Your own, affordable security department

For the price less than that of a dedicated full-time security officer, you have the entire Dyami team at your disposal. Consider us your own security department!

Dyami is run by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We know the challenges and rewards of starting and running a business.

We can work with your investment firm and/or with the organisations you have invested in. It is up to you.

Even though meetings are more digital and remote than ever, travel will remain an essential part of doing business internationally. It’s very important that you and your people can travel safely. Not just for your personal safety, but also with regards to keeping your IP and data safe.

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