Strategic Security

Interim Security


Your temporary dedicated security manager

Need an on-site security manager?

Dyami can provide in-house security consultants with skills and experience that match your organisation's needs.

Our highly qualified and experience experts have a range of specialist backgrounds that include:

  • Cyber security

  • Intelligence services

  • Military / Defence

  • Law enforcement

  • Academia

International deployment

Our security experts are at your service locally or abroad, for instance in Africa or the Middle East.

We work with our clients to ensure the security project is delivered in line with client procedures and risk tolerance levels.

You will be staffed with the experts who offer the skills you require — aligned with the cultural fit for your organisation.

Dyami is your strategic security partner.

We provide complete strategic security risk & threat intelligence management, travel security, aviation security and training. 


Enabling you to thrive, safely and successfully.

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