Aviation Security

EASA Security


Regulatory implementation

EASA Security Management

As part of Air Operator Certificate application or continuation, an approved security management system with policies and procedures must be in place.


Civil aviation is a popular target for many malicious organisations with the potential for extensive damage and casualties and widespread media coverage.

Designing a security management system is not hard — implementation across the entire organisation is probably more difficult. As an EASA operator, there are very specific regulations and requirements where compliance is essential. Non-compliance may lead to suspension or even revocation of your AOC, and hefty fines.

Dyami has extensive experience supporting operators with the design of their security management systems. We also help operators do a checkup on their current security management systems.

Requirements and Regulations

Elements of operator security policy and procedures are:

  • Unruly passengers

  • Hijacking

  • Bomb threats

  • Criminal activity

  • Screening of personnel, passengers and others

  • Screening of cargo

  • Dangerous goods

  • In-flight procedures

  • Route, destination and alternate planning

  • Crew training