Aviation Security



From application to implementation

EASA AOC Applications

For new operators, the application process for an EASA Air Operator Certificate can be very complex.

Dyami has supported several operators with the application of their AOC. Interpreting aviation security laws and regulations is difficult and time-consuming. Wrong interpretations delay the application process tremendously.

That's why we are excited to work with new operators and help them navigate through the regulatory minefield en-route to a successful AOC application.

Low-cost Pricing

We know that starting up a business in aviation is very costly. That is why Dyami has the internal cost structure of a low-cost company, without sacrificing on quality. We think different, always explore opportunities with you and look for the smartest way to achieve your goals.

Next steps

When your AOC application is in progress, we can help you with all other security-related aspects of running your operation.