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Dyami academy

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Security awareness

For travel professionals, business travellers, leisure travellers and travel organisations, awareness of security risks during travel and at their destinations is essential.

Dyami provides basic tools and insights for everyone involved in travel to make their trips as safe, secure and enjoyable as possible.

Our interactive program gives you an edge in a world of uncertainty. Some of the comprehensive lessons include:


  • Mastering the basic principles of personal safety

  • create situational awareness

  • Introduction to threats 

  • Travel preparation

  • Country analysis

  • Risk mitigation and reduction

  • Use of technology

  • Airport & hotel safety 

  • How to stay safe while traveling

  • Security measures 

  • How to protect sensitive information

  • Responding adequately to unexpected threatening situations

  • Being able to act in a de-escalating manner

  • Tips and tricks

Resilience Training

Travel abroad can be stressful. For some, the flight is an initial source of stress and not every person enjoys a stay in a foreign country.

Dyami Resilience Training gives people the tools to better prepare, anticipate and cope with stress and unfamiliar situations. These tools are also useful in daily life!

On-Location training

Our experienced trainers are more than happy to provide training sessions at a location of your choice. 

Alternatively, we can provide a training location!

Team Dyami highlight
Sophie Buur
Sophie Buur


Sophie Buur is an experienced security professional in the humanitarian sector. She has previously worked for a major INGO in their Security and Crisis Management Teams, and coordinated their Hostile Environment Awareness Trainings (HEAT). She then went on to run a startup company that specialized in creating and delivering security training for NGOs and other International Organisations for 2 years.

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