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Strategic Security


Protect your IP and data from hackers

Digital security

Dyami and our partner Chapter8 bring world-class expertise to protect your IP and sensitive data in the realm of cyberspace.

Chapter8 are digital security specialists, drawn from the highest levels of state and corporate security professionals. Their unique methodology combines the skills and perspectives of both hackers (Red Team) and defenders (Blue Team). 

Our Purple Team is worth more than the sum of its parts. It delivers the real mindset change needed to improve your cyber security sustainably.

In our approach, we always assume breach since no network is 100% secure. That is why we work around your IP and sensitive data to make sure that after our mission, we leave you more secure than ever before.

Cyber Security alone is not enough

The goal of cyber security protection is to protect your valuable IP and data. But your local networks, systems and cloud are not the only access points to this data. 

Espionage and IP/data theft goes far beyond cyberspace and have real-world effects and implications.

That is why it is always necessary to combine cyber security protection with a full set of asset protection measures.

This is what makes Dyami extremely effective. We provide the full set of measures.

Cyber Security is part of Dyami Corporate Asset Protection.

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