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Strategic Security

Corporate Asset


Protect yourself from IP / data theft and espionage

Your innovative business is at risk

If innovation is at the core of your startup or organisation, your intellectual property (IP) is extremely valuable. 

A large number of organisations completely under-estimate the threat of espionage and IP/data theft. In part because it sounds like something that only occurs in the movies and in part because they think it won't happen to them.

Many organisations attempt to protect themselves from IP theft by taking care of the legal side, but this will not stop malicious organisations and foreign regimes from trying to do everything to get their hands on your IP.

Espionage is a real threat and it is on the increase world-wide. And the methods used go well beyond simple hacking and cyber breaches.

Espionage: what are they after?

Espionage is a growing threat, already at critical levels. Not only foreign regimes are active in this regard, your nearest competitor may be after your information as well.

There are several vital items that are targets of espionage:


  • Intellectual Property

  • Sensitive data: research, private data, customer data, security sensitive information

  • Contract details: any info that will allow a competitor to win a tender or contract (renewal) over you

  • Future plans: expansion plans, new products and services, new locations

Why cyber security alone is not enough

Many organisations think that they are well protected against hackers and espionage because they invest in cyber security protection. It's not enough. 

Think of it like setting up a really secure WiFi network in your home to prevent access to your personal data. And then leaving your front door open every time you leave the house. 

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Necessary steps to safeguard your IP

Dyami helps many organisations to protect their IP and sensitive data. This is what we do:

  • Security policy & procedures (design+implementation)

  • Emergency Response Plan (design+implementation)

  • Counter-espionage, counter-surveillance, bug sweeping

  • 24/7 security and emergency incident support

  • Cyber security

  • International and local threat assessments

  • Continuous intelligence monitoring and alerting

  • Safe & secure travel support for your people

  • Personnel training: security awareness, resilience

  • Investigative due diligence of potential clients, partners, personnel, suppliers

  • Insider threat analysis

  • Physical protection of people and assets

International threat assessments

Our in-house team of analysts continuously analyses and monitors existing and emerging conflict zones around the globe. For our clients, they also make very specific and in-depth threat assessment reports. These reports are tailor-made and easy to interpret. This allows you to anticipate the situation and make the right decision as early as possible.

Subjects covered in our threat assessments include:

  • Political / Geopolitical situation

  • Local situation

  • Civil unrest

  • Ethnic conflicts

  • Crime and corruption

  • Terrorism, violence and kidnapping risks

  • Espionage

  • Cultural points of attention

  • Health risks (including COVID-19)

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