We deliver the necessary awareness, intelligence and decision support that enables clients to prepare for and respond to threats that could impact their people or operations across the world. 
Our office is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands | we operate everywhere.

Employers have an important obligation when it comes to protecting the health, safety and security of their personnel.

Have a safe and secure travel program in place that meets your duty of care requirement. A program that protects your people and business which saves money and gives you peace of mind.

We help you accomplish this with our secure travel toolkit. >> 

We support employers, travel managers, secretarial services with their travel security programs. To keep business travelers safe and secure. 

Make your employees less of a target for criminals, terrorists and opportunists
Keep your intellectual property safe

Avoid risks during business travels

We help you counter the ever-changing risk environment while travelling for business.

Our secure and safe travel toolkit gives people and organizations the knowledge they need to travel the globe.

Information on how to stay aware countering theft of information by competitors or state actors. And safe in all type of situations including crime and terrorism.


We train to avoid risks during travel and return home safely.

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