Understand your security environment

Dyami offers in-depth project risk assessments and training for companies that want to gain an understanding of the security environment in which they currently or soon will be working in.


Our experienced consultants and analysts work closely with you to create a security risk analysis for your company.

Our security risk management methodology is used by large corporations and implemented in government security risk management policies.


Security Risk Management
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Ron Geraets
Ron Geraets

Ron Geraets has spent most of his career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BZ). 

In the last ten years at Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken he fulfilled the office of Director of Security Services of Buitenlandse Zaken. During the exercise of these functions, he traveled frequently to high-risk areas. Over the years, he has built a vast national and international network in the intelligence and security work field. 

Since 2005, he is working mostly as a consultant on intelligence and security for central and
decentral governments and large corporates.

He provided training for the Special Security Missions Brigade (BSB). And since 2014 he developed training on the topic of Security Risk Management.

Ron Geraets is a member of various professional associations and is a “familiar face” in the relevant network. 

Commercial Intelligence

Expanding into the international market can be a great way for companies to grow their profits. However, the process isn’t without risks. A lack of knowledge concerning local threats can result in unintended and disadvantageous consequences for your business. Fortunately, these risks can be countered as much as possible by conducting reconnaissance in the surroundings in which you want to do business.


Our team can be your sensor and provide you with relevant 'ground-truth' intelligence which supports the identification and clarification of existing and emerging risks to your business operations and assets. 


It is essential in the planning of an important business meeting or event that locations are checked in advance. This mainly applies when the location is abroad. With proper preparation, unpleasant surprises are reduced as much as possible.

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Recognize a person’s motives and intent

Profiling and investigative interviewing support

We can support you to recognize a person’s motives and intent.  We also consult on adequate reactions to deviant behavior and integrity issues. You will obtain a clear picture of the interests and motivations of the person in question. And you will receive advice on how to monitor potential risks.

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non-verbal profiler An Gaiser >>>

Protect your digital crown jewels

Dyami and Chapter8 combine to bring world-class expertise to protect your digital crown jewels.

Chapter8 are digital security specialists drawn from the highest levels of state and corporate security professionals.  Chapter8’s unique methodology combines the skills and perspectives of both hackers (Red Team) and defenders (Blue Team). Combined with the physical assets of Dyami we create a unique result.


Our Purple Team, is worth more than the sum of its parts. It brings about the real change of mindset needed to improve your security over time. Ad


We always assume breach because no network is completely defensible. That is why we work around your Crown Jewels and make sure that after our five day Mission, we leave you more secure than you were before.