We enable secure travel

We provide policy advice and consultancy services to help you identify and mitigate risks when conducting business overseas, protecting your intellectual property and staff.

We look at security as a business enabler providing consulting and support to improve your existing travel risk policy.


Our consultants can implement a new travel risk program including documents, checklists, training, and awareness.

Our analysts provide real-time views of the risk your people face so you can make informed decisions about the safety and security of global business travel and operations.

Journey management


Simple trips to high-risk destinations can be stressful enough, and the more complex the journey, the more unsettling it can be.

Our secure journey management services make sure your travelers are well supported and at ease - no matter how complicated or straightforward the journey, wherever they are and wherever they’re going.

Keep your intellectual property safe while travelling 
travel security awareness >>  

We work closely with you to provide you with a scalable Travel Risk Management program that meets your needs.

Our Safe & Secure Travel Toolkit offers a set of tools that enable you and your employees to reduce travel-related incidents and challenges.

Resulting in a decrease in operational risks and associated costs.

Safe & Secure Travel Toolkit 
Travel Risk Management 
we help you setup a secure & safe travel program >>
from checklists to threat and risk assessments >>
During Travel
your guide to safety and security procedures >>
Guarding The Crown Jewels
the importance of intellectual property >>
Awareness Training
fun, inspiring and relevant >>  
feel more secure >>

This is just a selection of tools available in our inventory. Our aim is to help you find the right tools that fit in your business operation. Together we will construct a cost-effective travel security program that meets your duty of care requirement.

A program that protects your people and business which saves money and gives you peace of mind.

Dyami is your strategic security partner.

We provide complete strategic security risk & threat intelligence management, travel security, aviation security and training. 


Enabling you to thrive, safely and successfully.

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