After the MH-17 tragedy, the Dutch Safety Board is asking airlines for more attention devoted to overflying conflict zones.


But it does not stop there, aircraft operators require a good common picture of the risks and threats of their area of operation.


Thus aircraft operators require more information and situational awareness to perform adequate risk assessments. Information on suddenly escalating and/or new conflicts is another area of continued concern.

Dyami has long-time experience in the field of threat level information. Dyami's founder was involved in establishing the Dutch national expert group for overflights of conflict zones.


We can help aircraft operators with security management and we deliver proper and clear to the point threat & risk assessments, tailored for the air domain.

We are dedicated to helping you keep your passengers, aircraft, and crew safe.

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We are a consultancy specialized in security risk & intelligence management, secure travel, and aviation security. 

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