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Avsec Management Consulting
Improve your aviation security performance 


We navigate in the complex world of aviation security. Serving as a supporting and sparring partner for management and operational teams.

Our mission
Significant decrease in risk of security-related incidents
Keeping your personnel and clients safe
Protection against theft of IP, sensitive data, and assets
Peace of mind

Let us help

Part of what sets us apart from traditional security services companies is that we want to make security as hassle-free as possible for you.


We are able to provide you with the services of a complete aviation security department.

Our services are subscription-based and extremely competitive. we jointly determine which services are included in the monthly package fee.


For example, we may specify that we offer 10 hours of direct security support, 5 training classes and 5 intel reports per month. These can be carried forward if they are not used immediately.


A fixed fee prevents surprises and allows direct access to several of our key services such as worldwide
threat alerts and phone support.


New AOC applicant?

Interpreting aviation security laws and regulations can be difficult and time-consuming. If you are feeling uncertain about these or other topics concerning the regulatory background, we are here to help you.

Our services are provided at an extremely competitive price-point.


We understand that in today’s world, safety and security are always in internal competition with profitability. That is why Dyami is set up like a low-cost company: low overhead, smart operation, never held back by the standard way of doing things and, of course, an incredible team of people.

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Our consultants, each with their own specific domain and knowledge have long track records with major airlines, business aviation and authorities. 
We are here to help!

Aviation Security Management

  • Design and implementation of EASA AOC/Security/Compliance

  • Design and implementation of Emergency Response Plan

  • Intangible Asset Protection for IP and sensitive data

  • Sourcing of security experts

Route Management

• Destination and (enroute) alternate airport area risk/threat

  • assessments and intelligence reports with focus on risk factors

  • such as the (geo)political and local situation, criminality, corruption, terrorism, espionage and health

  • Enroute overflight area risk/threat assessments

  • Alerting and analysis of (emerging) conflict zones

  • Direct access to analysts between 0700-1900 CET
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Operator Specific

  • Investigative analysis (due diligence) including security breachers, cyber security, negotiation support

  • Screening and profiling of potential partnerships, suppliers,clients and personnel


Incident Support

  • Real-time 24/7 security support (hotline/email/signal)

  • On-site rescue services for crew and personnel

  • Quick reaction emergency measures activation

Training of personnel and crews


  • Emergency Response

  • Security awareness

  • Resiliency and in-flight self defense

  • CRM and Joint CRM

Physical Protection and Rescue

  • Physical protection/rescue of personnel, including conflict zones

  • Physical protection of aircraft, cargo or asset transportation

  • Pre-arrival team survey: area, facilities, routes and bug sweep

  • On-site physical security teams

Jo Schoenmaker
AO2A3782 (Medium).JPG

Jo Schoenmaker is a pilot and aviation security expert. For the airline pilot associations VNV, ECA, and IFALPA he was a member and (vice) chairman of the security committees and participated in the very wide variety of international (i.e. ICAO, ECAC, EU) platforms and all Dutch security platforms and working groups.

For Transavia Airlines he set up security manuals, procedures, and training and held several positions.


Jo has a background in the Dutch National Police as an officer and pilot. He also has a wide experience as a pilot - flight instructor/examiner on the Boeing 737, training developer/ instructor in the field of aviation safety and crew management.

With this wide variety of competencies and experience, Jo has a broad picture and overview of all different elements in the aviation (security) arena and the translation into formal and practical solutions.

conflict zones
Tailor-made route & destination threat analysis

Aircraft operators require more information and situational awareness to perform adequate risk assessments. Information on suddenly escalating and/or new conflicts is another area of continued concern.

We can provide in detail on-demand reports for your organization.


The focus of these risk-assessments offers our customers a concise and professional in-depth analysis.

No long stories, no just incident reporting, but a short, powerful direct analysis that will support decision-makers to make the right choices in their overflights, diversion locations, and destination.


Our short but powerful analysis ends with a thorough assessment and a conclusion, this combined with a graphic in which threats are clearly described with words as high, significant, medium, low, and negligible.

Our goal is to keep your aviation operation safe and secure.


Dyami's analysts have years of outstanding high-level experience in intelligence reporting about ground-air threats all over the world.

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We help aircraft operators with security management and deliver proper and clear to the point air domain threat & risk assessments, tailored for their flight operation.

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Joint CRM Training
AVSEC awareness training
Some of our clients
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