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Dyami Aviation

Aviation Services


Your license to operate in a complex world

Safeguard your aviation flight operation

Dyami has extensive experience in the field of aviation security. 

Our mission is straightforward:

  • To significantly decrease security-related incidents

  • To keep your personnel and clients safe

  • To protect theft of IP, sensitive data and valuable assets

  • To provide peace of mind

We support all aircraft operators

Dyami Aviation Security is designed for aircraft operators of all kinds and any size:

  • Passenger airlines

  • Cargo airlines

  • Corporate Jet operators

  • Air Taxi operators

Dyami is your security department

We provide the services of a complete aviation security department, both in organisational support and in real-time intelligence and threat assessments.

Our services are subscription-based and extremely cost-effective. 

The contents and pricing of your subscription are determined with you. For example, we may specify a monthly service of 10 hours of direct security support, 5 training classes and 5 threat assessment reports. These can be carried forward when not used immediately.

Are you a new AOC applicant?

Let us help you! We are experienced in helping new operators set up and file for their EASA AOC, as well as establish a security management system, policies and procedures and emergency response plans.

We also support new operators in implementing their security manuals, policy and procedures and establishing a security-minded culture.

Team Dyami highlight
Jo Schoenmaker
Jo Schoenmaker


Jo is an airline pilot and aviation security expert with a background in law enforcement. He has contributed to many international aviation platforms and associations.

Dyami Aviation Security Clients
Century Air
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