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Trainig Aviation

Aviation Security



For airport, flight and cabin crew

Aviation Security Awareness Training

Our training sessions give airport and airline personnel an increased awareness of security issues and threats. They learn about the measures in place to counter the threat to aviation.

The aim of this training is to promote an awareness of the general security threat that exists at airports, around the aircraft and in the aircraft in-flight.

The course familiarises trainees with the nature of the threat to aviation and basic security measures. It ensures that trainees understand the core objectives and the way aviation security is organised, in order to take their responsibility in optimising security of the airport and aircraft.

Crew Resource Management / Joint CRM

Dyami aviation training experts developed a unique Joint CRM training, mixing security and safety in a "crew resource management" program/environment.

It uses, promotes, highlights and creates awareness and strengthens competencies of all different individual crew members or participants. The aim is to peacefully defuse or resolve a potentially violent situation

The training program consists of about 50% required theoretical background knowledge and 50% usable and focused practical specific training.

Your flight and cabin crew members will thoroughly enjoy our Joint CRM training program!

Resilience and defence training

Dyami also provides training in resilience to stressful and potentially dangerous situations. Self-defence training, including in-flight self-defence can be part of this program, dependent on your needs.

Team Dyami highlight
Marcel den Boer
Marcel den Boer


Marcel has many years of experience working for the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Justice and Security. He is an aviation security trainer and expert in aggression training, Marcel is in possession of a teaching qualification.

Team Dyami highlight
John Korver - Dyami
John Korver


John Korver has been at the forefront of the aviation security industry for over 30 years with wide executive-level experience in airport security. 

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