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About Dyami

The Dyami


A fresh approach to security

Focus on opportunities and growth

Most traditional security companies focus only on the bad things in the world and try to scare you into signing up for your services.

We look at the world differently.

Sure, we still need to consider all the bad things — and we do — but we really focus on a few basic things that set us apart from the rest:

  1. Be your strategic partner so that we enable you to do business, grow, expand, do new things, safely and successfully.

  2. Use our startup mentality to add value to your organisation.

A strategic enabler

By viewing and applying security sense and practices strategically, new and exciting opportunities become possible.


Investing in a region that would otherwise be considered too high-risk? Now you can. Selling to a customer in a risky part of the world? Dyami makes it possible to do so, safely.

What is "strategic security"?

Security is usually considered as an insurance policy or a maintenance contract, just like for your air conditioning system. Plans are made and at the last moment, security gets involved.

By taking security all the way up to the strategic level, we start creating opportunities that are otherwise impossible.

A real-world example

Several years ago, an innovative tech company had a promising prospect from Russia over to discuss a potential purchase deal. However, they were afraid that this prospect was going to reverse engineer their innovative product and copy parts of their IP and then sell it from Russia, cutting into their market and potentially damaging them severely.

Now that they are in business with Dyami, they look back and wish that they had worked with us then. Dyami would have done an investigative check on the prospect, made a threat assessment on their location and connections in Russia and devised a plan to do business safely. They could have had a large market share in Russia by now... 

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